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豪華與自然、 精細的組合!
Designed by DGCG
30 多棟建築物,少於 450 豪華的房子。More than 30 buildings, less than 450 luxury houses.
The exclusivity and limited availability of living areas to maintain and enrich the architectural aesthetic is what defines Lost City/Ciudad Perdida Club. It combines individual housing with a buildings zone, well complemented by a light commercial area (Down Town) planned to satisfy all the day-to-day needs. 

The space and the offer are limited and exclusive. We value quality over quantity, which is why the lower development is only 600 meters in size. The residential zone offers expansive lots, villas with a view of the golf course, plus lakefront homes and villas.  There are only around 470 lots between 600 and 1.200 meters in size available; few for villas situated around the golf course and some, for exclusive houses on the lakefront. Also, there is a total of 30 buildings and 4 towers planned on corners that comprise our apartment living areas.  They are projected spacious, modern, and clear, facing the Lost City/Ciudad Perdida's lake with a spectacular view of the sea and breathtaking sunsets.
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