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Pure air, healthy gastronomy, daily sports practice...
The Downtown (DT)  ”Wifi Zone”
Without it, Lost City Club may be considered just another luxury real estate development
The Commercial City or Downtown (meant as a colonial town like), is a light commercial area surround by a lake. It will provide anything the residents or visitors should want to have.  Although there is a heavy focus on the culinary delights, DT was conceived as an AIO (all in one) area. 

There will be cafeterias, nice piano lounges, a fine cava for wine lovers, an assorted chocolate shop, a roses & bouquets boutique, a book store, ice cream & fruits shakes shops, sushi bars and sea food restaurants, piano lounges, a delicatessen, a bakery, a book store, a well equiped multi sports shop, among many others, everything to satisfy the desires and the necessities of its residents for a healthy and enjoyable stay, and just a few steps from home.
It will provide all the day-to-day needs as well as some much needed weekend shopping and entertainment.

The Down Town is considered the heart of Ciudad Perdida/Lost City Club's spirit, since most of the cultural and sporting activities; the gastronomy center and entertainment are here. Once you get to living at Ciudad Perdida/Lost City Club, you may spend most of your time here than at your department/house.
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