Close to everything, but far enough from crowds
A privileged location
Safe, far enough from the crowds
Strategic location:  Around kilometer 80 on the Guayaquil - Salinas highway, towards the beach, crossing a mountainous stretch of area (part of Chongon and Colonche), you will find it; large prairie, a great plain situated before the vast ocean, on the grounds close to Engabao. It is one hour drive from Guayaquil, the second largest city of Ecuador, and to its international airport, to hospitals and embassies/consulates.

This strategic positioning provides for a safe, secure, healthy and tranquil area that allows the opportunity to enjoy life in harmony with the naturally thriving, robust environment that surrounds; far from the stress and the noise of city life.

A warm, dry climate, very similar to that of the valleys of Ecuador’s mountain region, are found here, with a light, fresh breeze that blows all day, all year.  The winds generously given by the sea provide healthy, iodized oxygen for the well being of its inhabitants.
Temperature spring like (along the year). The average annual temperature is 22 degrees Centigrade, approximately 72 degrees Fahrenheit.
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